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AFGE Action Network

Dear AFGE Member,

I want to bring you up to date on an action that the AFGE National Executive Council (NEC) took on May 10th. The NEC voted to endorse President Barack Obama for re-election against the Republican nominee for President, former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney.

I am writing to discuss that decision.

When you boil it all down, we believe President Obama, while imperfect, is the far better choice to lead our country through the next four years. It's fair to ask why we decided that.

I've included a brief summary, but please click on the link below to read our entire letter which discusses, in detail, our decision to endorse President Obama:


Brothers and sisters, AFGE has made a choice between two candidates for President. The challenger, Mitt Romney, has made it perfectly clear from his business dealings and his statements in his run for office that he has little respect for working people, especially those who work for the federal government, and virtually no respect for the labor movement. His economic policies would be at least as bad as those of President Bush, and he is eager to lead the attack on the economic livelihoods of federal employees.

By contrast, President Obama believes in the American labor movement and its values, and he also credits public servants with providing for the nation's security and well-being. We believe his heart is in the right place. But there is no doubt that he has occasionally disappointed and frustrated us. However, the election is not about our expectations, but is instead a choice between two very different futures for our members.

We considered making no endorsement. But a wise local president said to me that if AFGE failed to endorse, it would send the wrong message to our dedicated members: it doesn't really matter who is the President of the United States. And of course it does matter. It matters profoundly: for our job security, our pay, our retirement benefits, and the very nature of our proud work for America.

The NEC has endorsed President Obama for re-election. I strongly urge you and your local brothers and sisters to examine the records of the two candidates. I believe when you have done so, you will reach the same conclusion.

In solidarity,

John Gage
National President

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